About Us

AzreenAzmi, is a personal brand name, focusing in muslimah hijab fashion. 


AzreenAzmi Boutique was established in 2015 with aim to bring more choice, fashionable, trendy, elegant hijab or jilbab style, without compromising religious requirements.


It is hope that our muslimah sister can be inspired to play up their own personal style with our collection now, and certainly more varieties to come.


So what are you waiting for? heart


Azreen Azmi, a unique jilbab stories


AA Shawl

A note from our founder

New Year, New Beginning!


My sincere appreciation towards our avid follower for the past 3 wonderful years since 2015.

It certainly has been a great journey for us, as I hope it did to you. Alhamdulillah.


As we enter the new year, we are proud to announce that we will release new collections soon. 


So stay tuned sisters! heart

Much Love;